Unusual Flower given to Clayton

2016-08-28 19.28.57

When it became evident to our plumber Tom that Clayton is profoundly interested in beautiful flowering plants, Tom mentioned that he could give Clayton a cutting from his Plumeria,  a South American plant.  Tom said that the plant had yet to bloom for him, but that he was hopeful.  The first year Clayton had it – no blossoms.  But then in typical Clayton fashion he researched the plant and its natural habitat.  Clayton concluded that the plant needed very limited watering during the winter.  He proceeded with that plan and was a little surprised when the plant dropped all its foot long ovate leaves.  But now in August it has robust foliage again and is producing blossoms, albeit one at a time.  What attracted me was the brilliant pink blossom and the great fragrance that it emitted.  More blooms are on the way! Thank you Tom!