February 18, 2013

The one man show in Wilmington was a success, and we had a lot of sales leading up to Christmas,both of paintings and sculptures. At this point we have sold out of the edition of Whistlepigs, the pair of groundhogs one standing and the other on all fours watching the intruding artist. Any unsold pieces are now back on display at Clayton’s place.

September 25, 2012

The October edition of American Art Collector is out, and Clayton is featured on pages 138-139! The invitations arrived and look great. If you are reading this and would like an invitation for the opening at SomervilleManning on October 12, please contact us.

Aside from getting paintings and sculptures ready for the upcoming show, this summer Clayton sculpted a foxhound for Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds. This year marks the 100th anniversary of this foxhunt, and the sculpture, Lentil, contributes to this occasion. An edition of 21, the proceeds of the sale of Lentil will go to support the Cheshire Land Conservancy Fund.

A bit about Lentil the sculpture: Huntsman Ivan Dowling picked Lentil (the hound) as the best example of this pack of crossbred foxhounds. He remarked to Clayton that in their breeding program, Lentil epitomizes the good looks and work ethic that they are aiming for. Clayton found that Lentil was an easy hound to work with as he sculpted her. “Once she understood what I wanted, she was a great model.”

August 26, 2012

There is going to be an article on Clayton in the October edition of American Art Collector! Their writer, Joshua Rose, was pleased to find that Clayton is an artist working in both oils and bronze. During the interview, Clayton spoke of being a self-trained sculptor, but that he had taken some painting courses from Arthur DeCosta at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. By happenstance, Joshua knew and admired Arthur, and more discussion ensued on Clayton’s approach to painting. We are looking forward to seeing the article in print!

July 31, 2012

Among the sculptures Clayton will display at the October SomervilleManning show is a mule complete with saddle and bridle, entitled Crackshot.

When the mule arrived at the arm nameless, the farm manager had decided Crackshot was a good name.   Clayton learned how fitting this moniker was.

After spending time talking to the mule and becoming acquainted, he set to work sculpting her.  He was squatting down beside her examining her front legs when she awoke to the fact that a stranger was beneath her and – Crack!  She kicked Clayton in the forehead so fast that he “never saw it coming.”   When he returned later that afternoon with the two inch cut glued back together, he was more appreciative of her name.


July 26, 2012

Starr is back working with Clayton, writing and helping to coordinate shows and exhibits. Lisa is at the other end of the phone on Tuesdays.  Otherwise it is hit or miss reaching a person, though we always return calls.   In gerneral, e-mail is the best way to reach us.

Clayton has a show of new paintings and sculptures coming up at SomervilleManning Gallery in Greenville, Delaware.   It will open October 12 and run through November 4.  Clayton is working with them on the invitation as I write this. If you aren’t on our mailing list and would like to attend, please let us know and will will send you an invitation.