July 25, 2014

Clayton is rising at 4:15 am on clear mornings in order to bicycle down to the dock, row out to his skiff and motor to a spot where a multicolored granite rock caught his eye.  He particularly appreciates the way the early morning sun accentuates the brilliant yellow, orange and green of the rock, which contrast sharply with the dark crevasses in the shadows.  At a bit off high tide, on a typical windless morning, the placid sea provides a balance to the rough textured rock.  Cormorants and gulls regularly settle on this perch above the fish filled ocean and they donate a white cap of guano to complete the spectrum from dark to white.

July 17, 2014

Today Clayton is installing a life size fox sculpture at a local café/ice cream store. Since the name of the café refers to a fox and there are many foxes in our area, the sculpture is entirely appropriate. When Clayton installs life size pieces in public places they are always securely fastened so they don’t “walk away.” Each site has its unique characteristics – stones, gravel, grass, and Clayton has to plan exactly how he will place and secure the bronze. In order to not move a large heavy bronze to decide on its final position, Clayton often suggests that his clients borrow a much lighter fiberglass  of the bronze. That way clients can move it here and there, change the angle, etc., without a forklift running across their lawn.

July 3, 2014


Clayton’s family of origin moved to a coastal Maine island when their youngest child went off to school.  Clayton, as well as many of his nine siblings, go to Islesford when they can during the summer.  The advantage of the portability of painting is that Clayton can paint when he is on the island.  Although he has yet to arrive, two of his paintings, Reassurance and Pump House Lichen are displayed at the Islesford Dock Gallery.