Quail Sculpture Commission Ready to be Cast

Clayton received a request to sculpt a life size quail and since he sculpts using live models, his first step was to find a quail. Next he needed to determine where the quail would live, since they are not indoor animals.  He found a suitable cage, big enough for the bird to run around in and purchased food that would keep the quail healthy. The model, though shy, became used to Clayton’s presence.  As with all wildlife, she didn’t pose per se, but Clayton observed her habitual body carriage and behavior, and set to work sculpting in clay.  When he finished the sculpture, he released the quail “in a soy bean field with about 7-8 inches of growth. The edges of the field had been left in a wild state with every kind of “weed” and sapling all mixed together. The early morning sun light poured in between the trees to my right. When I opened the box, the quail scrambled, and then gracefully took off in a curving flight to the left: a vision to be treasured.”

Pictured is the finished piece in clay, ready to go to the foundry to be cast in bronze.