August 20, 2015

Commuting is often part of work commitments.  This is true for artists as well as other professions.  Clayton has been painting on a tiny Maine island nearby our island.  There is no place to beech a motorboat, so our kayak became his vehicle.  Each sunny morning Clayton would pack his tripod, stool and water bottle into the stern compartment of the kayak, and then strap onto the bow a dry bag with his painting kit with its paint and brushes.  Off he would paddle to Crow Island, pictured just behind his uplifted paddle.

Packing the kayakCommuting by kayak

July 30, 2015

boathouse hallBoathouse living room

Although known for his sculptures and paintings, Clayton’s interior design has proved to be creative while very functional for creature (people and animals) comforts. Although the shell of the Maine boathouse was built in the mid 1900’s, Clayton redesigned the interior from an empty space for boats, to family living quarters in 1991.  To increase the living space the allowable 30%, Clayton had the roof raised on one side of the house, and then designed the bedrooms around to allow two beds on either side of a window. Bureaus and closets built in meant little furniture in each room.  Then he hand painted each room’s floor with a different pattern, and, given the linearity of the house, added rounded corners where he could to soften the space.  Twenty four years later the boathouse has proved to be a comfortable living space for raising a family, inviting friends and enjoying Maine life.