Clayton is on Facebook!


Great news! Clayton is joining the 21st century! At least in part.  No, he is not getting a cell phone.  But he now has a Facebook page, J Clayton Bright StudioNow we get to say, “Like us on Facebook!”  I never understood why I should do this, but now I get it.  This is a painless way to see what is going on in Clayton’s world – his wide array of work in sculptures and paintings, his gardens including the designs and unusual plants, his house and furniture design.  Please take a look, share his page and if you want more, click on the link to the web site.

Steeplechase weathervane


Clayton created this weathervane, highlighted here by the November supermoon, in the early years of the Willowdale Steeplechase. It depicts a water jump, which is one of the defining features of this particular course.  Displayed on top of the judges’ stand at the finish line, it is functional, pointing to the source of the wind direction.  Because of the height of the weathervane’s location, its size isn’t readily apparent, but it is large: 3 feet by 8 feet!  Clayton has created a couple of weathervanes over time – foxes and, interestingly, a steam locomotive. (Photo by Jim Graham.)