Clayton’s Equestrienne Withstands the Snow

Equestrienne in snow

Twenty four inches of snow and drifting.  The Equestrienne, a life size sculpture of a girl on her pony, sometimes fools people who catch a glimpse of her as they drive by.  The piece pictured is actually a fiberglass waste mold.  Though not evident from a distance, a fiberglass doesn’t hold up as a bronze would, and this piece is no exception.  However, we keep it for prospective clients.  When a person is deciding exactly where to place a bronze that weighs a few hundred pounds, a fiberglass version is much easier to move until the best site has been chosen. Meanwhile, she graces our property in all kinds of weather.

January 5, 2016

String Quartet

Clayton is the visual member of the family while Starr is more oriented to auditory delights. We visit museums but also often go into Philadelphia to listen to concerts presented by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society.  Once while attending a concert Clayton was impressed by the visual balance of a quartet. Although the quartet itself wasn’t able to pose, Clayton was able to find people, some of whom were musicians, to pose for his String Quartet.

December 27, 2015

Winter View

Clayton painted this scene last winter. This December has been quite different with temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s.  Maybe later there will be more snow scenes for Clayton to paint.