December 24, 2014

Winter WaterfallWhen Clayton travels (usually by car) he thinks about the big picture of his work and connecting to people who would be interested.  Coming home with brilliant ideas is great, but then one has to work to implement them.  We are very pleased with this web site, but no one knows about it unless we spread the news.  So we have set up an e-news letter, which will come out three times a year along with a fourth hard copy newsletter each fall, in case people aren’t on line or we don’t have their email. Please pass on the web site and our emails to those who enjoy Natural Realism, the core of Clayton’s art. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

December 3, 2014

We have shifted from the autumnal spectrum of color to the muted hues of winter. Yet there is a reminder of this past fall. Looking at recent paintings of Claytons one sees the panorama of leaves, the last fruits, bright yellow gourds and enormous orange pumpkins. Clayton’s paintings picked up these colors, transient though they were. He has often spoken of his sculptures as being a snapshot of a certain moment in his model’s life, albeit a moment that reflects the animal or person’s personality.  So too with his paintings, Clayton captures that moment observed and turns it into a moment preserved on canvas, turning the scene into a painting for you, the viewer, to experience as well.